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About Seychelle
  Welcome to Seychelle's family of environmentally-friendly filtered water products. This page provides information about our company.  

About Seychelle

As of January, 2010 Seychelle has sold over three million portable water filtration bottles and pitchers throughout the world to customers, such as individuals, dealers, distributors, retail stores and to governments, militaries, agencies and emergency relief organizations. This includes units of the United States Marine Corps, the International Red Cross, Eco-Challenge, Patagonia, Hammacher Schlemmer, Kenya Wild Life Service, La Cruz Roja de Mexico and the N.Y. Institute for the Blind.

About Seychelle Products

Seychelle manufactures a variety of products including filtered water bottles, canteens, water pumps, water pitchers, water bags, straws and in-line filters. Seychelle plastic bottles come in convenient sizes ranging from 24oz to 38oz - and can be taken anywhere you go, anytime you go!

Seychelle's new line of portable water filtration bottles feature its unique Ionic Adsorption Micron Filter Technology  that removes up to 99.99% of the contaminants and pollutants that can be found in drinking water. Removes up to 90% of fluoride. But while they take the bad stuff out - they leave in the beneficial trace minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Seychelle filtering technology beats competing products in percentage of contaminants removed.

An Alternative to Bottled Water

In recent years bottled water has come under increased scrutiny because of plastic bottle leaching, and bottled water's high cost per gallon. Millions of barrels of oil are used each year to produce and transport bottled water. Billions of empty bottles end up in landfills and the ocean each year where they may last for 1,000 years. And, the quality of bottled water is not always assured!

Seychelle portable water filtration products help the environment and are a better alternative to bottled water. They are specifically designed to assure that the water you drink is great-tasting, fresh and clean regardless of the source - straight from the tap, or from rivers, lakes, streams, creeks or ponds. They are ideal for everyday use: camping, hiking, biking, backpacking, at school, the office and especially for emergency preparedness.

BPA Free

The plastic bottles Seychelle uses are environmentally safe, re-usable, and can be recycled. They will not leach and are BPA free. They provide up to 100 gallons of great-tasting filtered water which is equal to 757 half liters of bottled water for just pennies a gallon.

More Information

If you would like more information about Seychelle, please visit our corporate website where you may learn about Seychelle technology and view lab test results and testimonials on our products.


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  Seychelle Environmental
32963 Calle Perfecto
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
United States
Ph: 949-234-1999 Ext. 227
Fax: 949-234-1998
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Pure Water Bag, Advanced
The Seychelle Pure Water Bag produces up to 100 gallons of g...

Price: $ 44.00 / each
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Royal Shower Head Replacement Filter, Standard
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Price: $ 39.95 / each
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Adv Repl Filter for 28oz Flip top, and Pump.
This advanced filter fits our 28oz Flip Top, and Pump!

Price: $ 20.95 / each
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